Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jaywalkers=done! Fastest. Socks. Ever. Just over 2 weeks, I think? I don't have any pictures yet, because I finished them on Sunday, in time to wear them to work on Monday, and then worked all day (pretty much until it was dark) on Tuesday. Today, they are in the laundry, plus the weather has gotten all grey again. Not good picture-taking weather at all. Oh well. Have started the Marksman socks, in some Dream in Colour Smooshy in Good Luck Jade. Nice green and brown variations, and no icky pooling. Something about veil-dyeing or somesuch, so it says on they website. Got to the foot after the gusset a couple days ago, and got him to try it on. Had to frog and re-knit after that. Apparently there needed to be more heel flap. Oh well. I'm back to where I was, and then some, now. So all is well. Though, there is a tiny niggling voice that's trying to tell me I'm not going to have enough yarn. This is the problem with knitting for someone with bigger feet than me, I suppose. I guess I will just have to wait and see. And hope for the best. And while I was hoping to be able to post pictures of random things from the last few days, taken while it was sunny and stuff, such is not to be. Because I can't find the cable for my camera... Darn. Though I *have* been meaning to post some sewing pictures, because I'm randomly other-than-knitting crafty like that. Thus, I present:

Edo Temari, from "Omiyage" (which looks amazingly like the "puzzle ball" in Last-Minute Gifts...) Random printed poly/cotton blend, some cotton twill, leftover poly batting torn into chunks, and cotton embroidery floss.

This one is hand sewn. There is another one in pieces scattered about my living room, which I did on the machine. It's a little bigger, but both are likely to go to my newest cousin, who is not here yet, but should be here sometime in June. It means I get to do baby knitting, too. I'm entirely willing to tackle the BSJ. I just need to find good yarn for it. Or I might do something else, as there are kits and stuff kicking around at Three Bags Full. (Yup. I might buy a kit. Craziness.)

And this is Marksman's birthday present, new dice, with a happy home for them:
Crepe-back satin, some fusible interfacing, and some old denim for structure.

(I know, something of an unfortunate-looking shot... Here, try this one...)

Combination of hand and machine sewn. The general shape was done on the machine and the lining was done by hand. The numbers, too.