Saturday, May 31, 2008

A game?

The Game on flickr!

A game to play :) more details where that came from.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, so I'm bad at posting. Like, kind of a lot. I apologize. Some things are new and some things aren't but I suppose it's time to proceed ahead. First of all, I managed to lose Marksman's socks. Like, absolutely, entirely GONE, including the bag they were in and the needles I was using. I'm not sure how I managed that, but nonetheless, it's how things stand. Oh well. Worse things have happened. I might still uncover them as I unpack boxes. Though I sort of doubt it, since I didn't find them when I was packing up. I have since started anew, with different yarn, and new needles (picked up by M, on a break from work in Victoria) and things are progressing much better this time. He picked the colour this time, so no more green, but grey instead. And amazing grey with purples and blues and greens and a hint of pink thrown in too.

See? I love the play of light and dark and mixed up-ness this yarn has. I've now finished the first sock, and I'm onto the second, because I picked up the Ender series again, and it's become "what I do on the bus", as opposed to knitting. I think I will get the second sock done anyways, as I 1) am knitting for someone else, and 2) have more sock yarn to contemplate. I have some green stuff from my aunt, and some "Lipstick Lava" Smooshy which will probably be something cable-y, and some koolaid-bright Araucania that Marksman got while he was picking up needles for me (smart, smart boy) and some Trekking XXL in a really bright colourway that I think will turn into more Jaywalkers. On top of this, I still have done no baby knitting, plus have incentive to get some REALLY nice kilt hose done by the end of the summer. The theme for Mardi Gras this year is the Highland games, and what're games with no hose? I think I am going to be busy. I also think that this is good.

Moving on. I was reminded of the spinning itch about a week ago, after finding my third bobbin, and have been doing some spinning too. (Another reason there is no knitting being done :p) I even took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to sit outside and ply, plus get a tiny bit of a tan at the same time. I was working with Wild Rose Fibres' Northern Lights in Grape Jelly. And while normally I'm not big on purple, this was really nice. I've decided that Merino is way better to play with that Corriedale. Way better. Easier to draft, nicer on the hands, a little more even to spin as well... So now I have about 115 yds of a 2-ply dk-ish weight in a blue-y purple-y mix, and no idea what to do with it. Other than give it back to my aunt, who gave me the fibre to begin with. Any ideas?


turns into this:

and then this:

Oh, and since I've now managed to take pictures of the pink Jaywalkers, I might as well show them to you, too. (And by now, I mean NOW, as in I got up off my ass, grabbed The Feet and the socks and went outside and took pictures.) They would be tiptoeing through the tulips if I had tulips, or shoes that fit them.