Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And I've already started new things...

I finally finished Marksman's socks. I decided, after much thought, not to duplicate-stitch "i am not a work sock" onto them, and instead (hopefully) firmly impressed this upon him. even if he is not allowed to subject them to his work boots (for a while, anyways) he is still pretty happy with them. See?

After finishing that, I proceeded to cast on immediately for a new pair of Jaywalkers, even though I have a drawer full of unworn handknit socks right now, because it is the summer and I wear slightly-too-big steel toes to work, and have to compensate with really thick socks. On the weekends, there are no socks to be seen. For good reason. But I will have plenty when it cools off again. I'm using the yarn I got the last time I was in Victoria, from the beehive, the Trekking XXL in the really bright colourway. It turns out that it also has a crazy long repeat; I have now gotten so far as the heel flap, and have yet to find the end of the repeat. I'm starting to wonder if it actually exists. It's a 4-ply yarn, and the plies change colours one at a time, so there are a crazy number of options when it comes to tweedy, subtle colour changes. In any case. They look good, so that's all I'm gonna worry about.

Also, I haven't mentioned it yet, but I have a new cousin! Her name is Maria, and she has infected me with a need to knit a BSJ. I bought the pattern and the yarn (Dream in Color Classy) about a week and a half ago, only to discover I didn't have the right needles in stock. So I ordered some from Knitpicks (the 47" circs, because, well, it's really hard to have too much cable) and they came today! I cast on when marksman was in the shower, and then again after my shower, and then again after a snack. It's been a very long time since I had to count more than 80 stitches all at once... But progress has now been made, and I have about 10 rows done. More to follow post-posting. And pictures soon :)