Saturday, August 30, 2008

Uhm, oops

I forgot about my blog for a while, there. Apologies to anyone that actually reads it, though there can't be many. Self indulgence to the max... Anyways. I finished the BSJ two weekends ago, with about 18 inches of yarn to spare. I'd have taken a picture (or the leftovers) but, well... Lazy, I guess. We were on the Island at Marksman's parents' place, for Mom's birthday. I did all the main body knitting while we were there, and then went out to Nanaimo for edging yarn, having become disenchanted with the bubblegum pink I'd originally chosen. Found a nice green, and some kickass buttons. Started a single crochet border. Came back to the house (after birthday dinner) to realize the cat had found the knitting and dragged it across the house, undoing single crochet in the process. That was ok, it didn't look too hot to begin with. So I went for applied i-cord instead. I'm still not sure if I like it or not, but it's not necessarily bad. Finished it on the ferry home, and then I dressed up the ferry like a small child. See?


Ok, enough with the silliness and I'll get to a better picture. This would be some rocking i-cord and those awesome buttons.


And this is the whole thing, not too close, to reveal how I got the ferry to cooperate.


Anyways, since then, I have moved on to a new adult-sized project, of kilt hose for me, which even have a deadline, because the theme for Mardi Gras is the Highland Games! And I've been wanting some decent kilt hose for a while now, and it seemed like a good time to do it. I'm knitting them both at the same time on one of those 47" knitpicks needles (3mm) because I want them to be the SAME. Which is all well and good until you realize (like I did, last night) that despite all efforts the calf shaping is in the wrong place, and you have to rip back the last week worth of knitting. To be fair, it was only about 3-4 inches, so not such a big deal, but still. Picking up stitches in the right row was a pain. I'm making these up as I go along, but there might be a pattern at some point, if I can remember to put it together. I am at least writing things down as I go. But, so far, so good. The cables are a little bit close to the front of my leg but that will get better as they move down and the leg gets smaller around.


I think it looks better when actually on a leg, though, as opposed to a fence


Finally, there was a yarn sale at Three Bags Full today. It goes until tomorrow, but they had sock yarn for 50% off (well, some of it). So obviously I had to go this morning. And I got... two balls of Dream in Color Smooshy,

IMG_3272.JPG IMG_3278.JPG

two Dream in Colour Classy,

IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3277.JPG

and then some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock that I paired with Koigu KPM to do Christmas knitting:

IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3275.JPG

The Smooshy is, I think, going to become a hat, and the Classy will be another baby sweater. Maybe a BSJ for Chantelle and Sharp, or maybe something different for Maria. Time to go knit some more :)

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