Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crisp fall morning for the win!

For once, I took advanteage of the fact that it was morning, and nice, and that Marksman was still asleep to take pictures of knitting. Because daylight is just best for that. Though I forgot I had pics of the (knitting finished, but project itself not quite yet) Monteagle Purse kicking around, that I took indoor. So here we go:

1) Monteagle Purse


specs: Bernat Handicrafter cotton "naturals" in Avocado, some amount inconsequential to the giant-size ball. 3.5 mm needles, because instead of swatching I figured I'd just go for it. Since I normally knit all loose-like. That would be the reason it's purse-sized, and thus, will be a Christmas present for some lucky family member. After it gets a lining and a zipper. (For a sense of scale, it's being stretched out by a 4L milk jug full of water. It's not very big)

2) Jaywalker socks, numero dos:


specs: Zitron Trekking XXL in some crazy long-repeat colourway. Like, 2/3 of the foot crazy long-repeat colourway. Size 1.5 or 1.75 mm needles. Probably the 1.5's. These have been on the needles for ages and have been relegated to bus or "sitting and waiting for short periods" knitting. The kind where I don't have the time to pull out the chart for the

3) November Blues (Tapestry Cowl)


specs: Dream in Color Smooshy, November Muse and Deep Seaflower. Size 2.25mm needle, because 2mm was just a wee bit small. (Like, for the first time in my entire life...) This is going to be for Mom (the one that lives on the Island, not the one I'm related to) because she is always cold. I may or may not alter the chart a little to make it shorter, because my row gauge is worrying me (8sts=1") and I don't want it to be giant. (there are 67 rows of chart, plus the 18 rows of plain knitting before and after. You do the math).

4) Monteagle Bag, for real this time. (well, maybe. We'll see)


specs: Value Village 97-cent yarn that I can't currently find the ballband for. Lily Naturale? All I kow is the dye is making my fingertips blue. Size 5.5 mm needle. Should work out to be be properly bag-sized this time. We'll see.

5) Checkerboard teacozy, made on a whim


worsted acrylic yarn, double stranded. 5 or 6 mm needles, which one escapes me right now. I totally need to make a taxi version of this...

Now back to your regularly sceduled inactivity? (here's hoping not.)

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