Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is not an FO parade...

I found the cable for the camera. It was on the bookshelf. I think I unearthed it from the desk and then buried it again on the bookshelf, but I did move all the pictures off of my camera, so I have some stuff to show, instead of just words. Because we all know that pictures are way more fun that words.

First, the gloves for Tim:

Fingerless gloves

These are a revamp of the ones I made almost a year ago (down at the bottom of the post), but with a longer cuff, because I asked if there was anything that he would like to change. I inspected the old ones when we went over for Christmas, and had these ready for his birthday. Elann Superwash Worsted in grey, 75 grams.

Then, a jacket for Tristan.

Clearly not TristanLink
I didn't have a ferry to model for me this time, so I made do with a Kolorkin

Tristan, as I mentioned earlier, is Bubbles' baby, who was born at the end of December. He is getting this nifty Baby Surprise Jacket, which I decided to make in ENTIRELY different yarn than I had originally planned. (The thought was to use some Dream in Color Classy that I got at the Three Bags summer sale. It didn't happen.) Instead, more Elann Superwash Worsted, grey and forest green (same green as my kilt hose), about 40 grams of green and 70 grey. I was using leftovers from a bunch of projects for the grey, so I don't have a really accurate number. Alas, I have no scale. The stripes are two ridges grey, one green, with all shaping done on the inside, because I think the other side looks nicer. I decided to get all crafty and make a tag for the inside, mostly because I could, and I LOVE the buttons.

Jacket tag Stars

Plus, there are those Jaywalker socks, version 2, that I didn't show before.

jaywalker socks

I like the way they look, and the way they fit, though one of them is tighter than the other. It'll be ok, I think. The colourway/stripe pattern still confuses me, and I feel as though it is trying to defeat me when I try to figure out where the repeat is. I'm pretty sure what happened is that all four plies are different colours, and while they usually change uniformly (and consistently), this is not always the case, with the end result being similar but not identical colour progressions. Which is kinda cool.

The stress-relieving/mindless knitting is a new pair of socks for Marksman, which have not yet seen the camera, but they are cabled (simple cables) in Dream in Color Smooshy, in a blue-green-purple-brown shade. I haven't yet decided if it is too girly, but he seems to be ok with it.

In non-knitting news, the van is fixed for now. There's a long story attached to that, but it's not worth telling. Suffice to say we're allowed to put fuel in it again. This is good news. We may or may not do some more work and make it more functional (we've got one tank out of 2 right now) but that might have to wait until we have a little more liquid funding. And that's ok.

Also, does anyone know how I can make it so that my pictures don't get cut off by the sidebar? (Basically, I'm asking if anyone can tell me where the control for the width of the "posts" section is. Because I can't tell...)


Vallary said...

I fixed that by breaking my layout, which puts the sidebar at the bottom. (I kind of like it this way.)

I think this is how I did it, but um, this might be wrong. (take seriously the warning at the top to save your HTML) I have not actually tried to make/edit a webpage in MANY MOONS.

If you also want to force the sidebar to the bottom, go into your edit HTML screen, and edit the width under main-wrapper.

If you want to make the whole thing take up more room width-wise on the screen, you will want to still edit the width of the main-wrapper, but also edit the width of the outer-wrapper, so that the value is greater than main-wrapper+sidebar-wrapper.

kitmonster said...

That totally worked. I also managed to identify the control on the header, so now the picture actually fits inside the box properly :) I set my main to 510px, and the whole thing is set to 750. Still looks tidy, and I can post pictures properly now. Yay!

KarenDW said...

the photo of Tristan's jacket does not adequately show the awesome CORNERS!