Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving, mostly.

This post is mostly text. If you want pictures, skip to the end :)

So yeah, ok, I fail at keeping people entertained on these here internets. I'm sorry. However, it's not my fault you're waiting on me for entertainment. In any case, I haven't been particularly busy since the last post, except for house hunting. I hate house hunting. I'm pretty sure I hate it almost as much as moving. (actually, it's debatable which one I dislike the most... They both stress me out and make me be a fair bit more ruthless than I might normally be inclined to be, and then a hell of a lot more lenient-"oh, we'll work around that weird kitchen", and "ugh, I don't care anymore :: stuffs random things into boxes and then does not label the boxes ::" come to mind.) In any case, we (Marksman and I, N having decided that he can afford to live by himself now) found a place that we quite liked two weekends ago, and got the keys last Thursday. The moving of large things and whatever was already packed (so, the books) happened on Saturday. It was an interesting day. Started early, to pack the aforementioned books. Filled all the boxes we had, so I wandered into Kerrisdale to get more, presumably from the liquor store. That's where you get good boxes from, right? Well, they didn't have any. So I went to London Drugs. They had one. By this point, the guys had shown up to help us move the couch and the freezer, plus the rubbermaid bins and the boxes of books. So I went to the bakery, where a girl from highschool is the manager, and bought the guys lunch, and got a box from there too. Last stop was the paint store, for a putty knife and some drywall filler, for the holes I put in the closet for my shelves, and the weird spot by the desk where the wall seems to be falling apart. They gave me two boxes. Got home, gave the boys their lunch, kept packing books while they convoyed out to the new place (it's about 1/2 an hour away). About the time I have wondered how things are going, I get a phone call from Marksman. Says he: "the couch won't fit through the door."
"No way," say I, "have you tried going diagonally?"
"No. We measured the couch. We measured the doorway. We measured the doorway with the door off. There is no way to do the math such that the couch fits through the door, hun,"says he, sounding resigned. "What should we do with it?" I tell him (and the guys) to see if they can donate it to somewhere, or if all else fails, take it to the transfer station. I start researching couches. I need a break from packing anyways.

About an hour later, I get a message. The transfer station won't take the couch-it;s too big. The guys have left it in our parking spot at the new place. Marksman has already started home by this point. the couch goes on Craigslist, for free. While perusing the free section, I spot some bookshelves similar to the ones we own, in a different colour. I call the guy, and he says they're still available. Marksman gets home, has a quick snack, and I send him away again, to pick up the shelves. What we have won't fill them, but having empty bookshelves is license to buy more books.

Meanwhile, the others still haven't gotten back. I give them a call, and discover they're not coming. Apparently they're feeling a little sick. It might have something to do with the fact that with the couch in the back, they couldn't close the back window, and fumes have been coming in. Oh well. They did at least help get the freezer in...

The rest of the day continues in this disjointed fashion, and eventually we've moved everything we can for the day without making another trip. We stop for a microwave and a toaster. N owns the ones we're using now. Eventually, we get everything up to the new place, and two people have called me about the couch. Both end up falling through, but at least there's interest. We decide to go and acquire a new couch, and pick up some things from my aunt's while we're out that way. A plan is hatched to see if she and my uncle will come for sushi, and meet us halfway, and maybe even bring the stuff. So I call, and am given a distinct "no" on sushi. There's a Nascar race on. I should know better. But in the ensuing conversation, it comes up that there is a couch sitting in their kitchen, that my mom left behind when she moved "out" into an apartment downtown. Perhaps I should call and ask about it? Turns out that she in fact has no plans for the couch, and we are welcome to have it in return for helping her finish moving her stuff out. It's a deal. So the couch is unearthed, and measured (we decided it would be good to check) and loaded into the van. We go "home" to the new place, and hump the couch up the stairs (did I mention it's a two-story walk up?) but it at least fits though the door. And there are people who want the old one, too. Excellent. All couches in their respective places, it's time for dinner. Very first delivery to the new place. I think my pizza is still in the fridge over there. I meant to eat it, really.

Sunday, we took over a few more things. The coffee table, my bikes, the kitchen table, one more bookshelf. The rest will go over next weekend. After we've finished packing, and have finished all the laundry.

In any case, I did promise pictures. So here you go-this is what I've been knitting in the midst of all this (I know that I promised pictures, but I can't find the camera cable, as it is likely packed somewhere, but these ones were waiting for me to put them up):

1) Rocketry for Monster (it was going to be a secret, but I give up. I am too tired to have secret knitting from Jemmy & co.) It is still lacking a sleeve and buttons. But I still theoretically have two months. I just wish it had a row gauge listed.

Rocketry-monster style

2) The socks that were supposed to be for Marksman, but which he can't quite get on his feet, and thus belong to me now. I have started the second sock, but only have about an inch or so done. It's going slowly.

3) My sky-green ankle socks, which are progressing even slower than the others. I think this is because for once I am actually following a pattern, and not making it up as I go. So I need to have it in front of me.

Sky green socks

Plus, I have been spinning (and should do more, so I can empty the bobbins before the workshop I am doing on the 2nd of May.) It's some very nice Sweet Georgia panda superwash, blue and green, that is going to be a fingering-sport weight. Maybe for socks.

Last, I have also been weaving, with the intention of writing up a tutorial, but it will have to wait for a later date, because I should stop writing and head off to Rovers now. Hopefully the rest of moving goes smoothly.


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