Sunday, January 17, 2010

The way things go

It would seem as though I'm an absentee blogger; I don't remember the last time I actually checked up on blog traffic (because I like knowing if anybody comes to read this thing), and while it's not so much that I don't care, I haven't found the time to put into it.  Or something like that.  Marksman and I were talking about what we want to do or be last night, and this thing came up.  I was talking about how I think it would be kind of nice to actually use my etsy store, and post knitting and fiber-related things.  Or sell things directly from here (though it'd require a POS.) I have a stash of things for making pretty stitch markers, which I know is an overdeveloped market, but there are a few patterns kicking around on my computer, that I've never published.  There's also all of the fingerweaving stuff that's lain dormant, that I could probably turn into a micro tutorial for the blog, and expand more on in some kind of PDF document.  Those are all things I would love to do (because, well, I am still lacking in the full-time work dept) but I have to actually sit down and schedule them into my life.  And then remember to take pictures of them.  THat seems to be the hard part; I have a bunch of (finished) projects up on Ravelry right now with no pictures.  Because I just haven't gotten around to it, it seems.  Sort of unfortunate.  Anyways, what this may come to mean is that instead of posting 6 projects at once, whatever was done since the last post, I might end up posting things in bits and pieces.  Like, one project at a time sort of thing, so that the knitting and finishing times don't necessarily align with when it goes on the blog.  I'm not sure I like the concept (I'm definitely a fan of the real-time progress postings) but I might give it a shot, at least for now, while I am working on a few projects that may prove to be photo-worthy, but I'm not sure.  We'll see how it goes.

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