Thursday, February 28, 2008

Socks. By the bajillion

Today, I decided to take pictures of socks. Because socks are awesome. It's what I knit the very most of. And I use the most simple sock pattern out there. Toe-up, short-row heel, plain stockinette socks. I'm a fan of simplicity. I don't really like textured socks, because they feel funny. The most I'll put up with in my socks is cables. But I have a problem with the whole "finishing" thing. I am REALLY bad at weaving in the ends of my socks when I am finished. I think it's time for an intervention. Obviously, I need to start working socks top-down. Because then I will *have* to have a needle in my bag for grafting the toes, and since that end is already there, I might as well weave it in, and then... maybe I will even weave in the top end, since I have the needle in my hand anyways. It's worth a shot. Because the pile of unfinished socks is getting unruly. Not that it means I don't wear them. The tails are just getting a little... fuzzy.

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