Saturday, March 8, 2008

A wishlist, of sorts.

I hate not having money. It pretty much sucks. I just about always have something that fits into the "oh, I wish I could afford..." Currently, said something is yarn. I'm on a yarn kick. (Maybe a little bit of a fabric one as well, brought on by Omiyage, from the library on Monday, and a trip to Dressew this morning.) And you know what I'd most like to have? Superwash, pretty-coloured, possibly sock-weight yarn. As much of it as I can fit into a rubbermaid bin. Because we all know I don't have enough of those already. I'm thinking enough to make Clessidra, or similar tall socks suitable for wearing whilst kilted, and then some yarn that is suitably coloured for some socks for the Boy, and then... I could go on. This is the problem, of course, with being a sock-knitter. In some cases/by some definitions, I do not have a lot of "stash". I just have... Yarn. You know it's bad when you start drooling over the BMFC colourways. Sigh.

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