Thursday, December 18, 2008

Giving up

I hereby give up on actually posting regularly. I was trying (or at least pretending to try) and then... It felt like every week, I had no knitting content to post. See previous two posts for reference material... So instead of making an attempt to placate my prose-hungry fingers, I'm going to make them knit instead.

However, I have been knitting. None of it is secret, but I don't have any recent pictures of most of it. I have managed to finish the Monteagle Purse, with a very nice green lining and a zipper, and it's going to be stuffed with socks (one pair handknit, that hasn't even made it to Ravelry yet) and two pairs bought, because I'm not insane.

that was a lot of handstitching... worth it, though

I'm still working on the November Blues cowl, which feels like it is never going to be finished on time. I am a little less than halfway through the (self-modified due to row gauge issues) chart. I am working on finishing a pair of fingerless mitts for Susan (Marksman's brother's gf), to go with the nice toque we got her. There might be mittens in the works for Emily, and possibly her partner. My family is not getting knitted things this year, except for the purse recipient, because I've never since seen the ones they've already got. Or that's what I'm telling myself, anyways. Might as well warm up a new crop of people, anyways :p

Also, last weekend there was a cookie extravaganza. Me, and Jemmy, and Amanda got together and made many many gingerbread. And also some sugar cookies. I took pictures, too. (Please excuse my infatuation with the macro function on my camera. I like how things look from closer than usual.)

Mmm... fresh gingerbread. Not quite ready yet, though.

We used ALL the cookie cutters. Except the butterfly.

What happens when you're determined to use every last bit of dough. (That cookie cutter is about loonie-sized)

I can mix fast :)

IMG_3736.JPG IMG_3735.JPGIMG_3737.JPG
Yellow stars, green trees, and red girls (no, they are not scarlet women)

IMG_3764.JPG IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3767.JPG IMG_3768.JPG
I actually couldn't get all of the cookies in one shot. We have about 8 baking sheets (standard consumer size, about 4 commercial size) of cookies. That's... a lot of cookies.

Oh, and it snowed. Lysander was not impressed.
Does he look impressed to you?

If you've actually gotten to the end of this post and you want to see more (god forbid) the rest are on Flickr; click on any of the above pictures to get there.


jemmyface said...

That was a HUGE amount of cookies. But so tasty! Did your little ones stick together? I had to give some away to my folks cuz Altonius doesn't like gingerbread and I simply couldn't eat all those by myself. They seemed pleased by the gift though. ^_^

I wish I'd known you had a blog sooner, that Christmas list would've come in handy. Particularly because of where I work but I've already got your present and have no money for more. Ah well, there's always your months...

You have so many secret knitting projects that anyone who doesn't live with you never finds out about. I mean, I knew you knitted quickly, but good gods woman! that's a lot of knitting!! But good for you. I will continue, plodding along behind, finishing my one simple scarf and dream of the day when I can whip off projects at the speed of burning sheep. (trying to hard to be clever much?) See you in the world.

kitmonster said...

Yes, yes it was a large amount of cookies. And some of my little ones stuck together, but not too too many of them. Maybe they got eaten before I could notice?

It's funny, I want people to read the blog, but I don't actually tell anyone about it. Oops.

It's not so much that they're secret knitting projects as much as they're less-portable knitting projects. I'm also easily distracted/have knitting ADD, so like having multiple things on the go, so I can pick and choose. (Like right now, I have a pair of mittens, a neck-thing/cowl, two pairs of socks, and a bag on the needles. I think that's it? Oh, and there's a lace scarf and a woolly scarf, too, neither of which I have picked up in at least a few months.)