Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shameless promotion

(0f my mom :p)

So, some of you know (and most of you likely don't) that my mom is a personal chef. She mostly does in-home cooking for people, that they can freeze or store, and also runs the Gilmore United Church community meal every Thursday. Of course, she's been the Biscotti Queen since long before that. (Biscotti is the holiday mainstay of the whole operation, I think. I've helped package the past two weekends. Lots of sealing packages and tying nice bows.)

Yesterday, on the Global 6pm news (Vancouver local) she was featured by the Savvy Shopper, Elaine Yong, for a quick and easy homemade food gift. Now, anyone who has ever tried to make biscotti knows that it is not a quick and easy process. So the featured recipe was Cracker Toffee, which is pretty much the easiest treat to make, ever. (Except for maybe Erin's microwave fudge.) All you need is regular soda crackers (salted tops-like the kind you get with your soup), brown sugar, butter, and chocolate. It's fast and easy, and you might not actually want to give it away....

Recipe and instructions here. Enjoy!

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